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Sundance Spas

980 Series

The 980 Series is the perfect combination of therapy & luxury put together. Equipped with amazing features that include a lounge deck, illuminated SunCooler, wide seats highlighted with LED lighting, low entry point, & glass iTouch controls. It also comes standard with an upgraded Sunstrong Extreme cover and SunSmart wifi, advanced micro clean filtration, tool free cabinetry, and SunScents Aromatherapy.

880 Series

The 880 series is the top of the line series with the best everything. Some of the best luxury spas in any size to fit your wants and needs with customizable options to maximize comfort and create and experience tailored to your needs.

780 Series

The 780 series collection features models designed to make your backyard the at home getaway you've always wanted. They are stylish, the maintenance is low, and the features add comfort and enhance relaxation. These models will create your perfect backyard oasis.

680 Series

The 680 series is made with unique design and style at any shape and size. This series allows for soaking, entertainment, and classic hydrotherapy no matter what kind of space you have. Sundance quality at the lowest price while still beating the competition with our features and performance.

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